6 Important Beauty School Certificates

Beauty Certifications

For a career as a beautician, it is important to know some of the Beauty School Certificates that are available. Aside from looking at the best beauty schools, you need to have an idea about the certificates you want to earn. Always remember that getting a single certificate does not mean that you can automatically work as a beautician. The work you can do will depend on the certificates that you have earned. The more certificates you can have, the more flexible you can be when finding a job. There are many beauty school certificates to consider.

Spa therapies certification

Spa therapies certification programs are given to provide an in-depth knowledge to students about different spa therapies. It includes massage therapy education and specific training for spa operations and spa treatments. Having a spa therapy certificate could be beneficial for anyone planning to work at a salon.

Certificate of achievement for cosmetology

The certificate of achievement for cosmetology is a significant beauty school certificates. This is a higher level certificate given to students with a GPA of 2.0 or higher for the entire program. This certificate is meant to demonstrate well-rounded skills as almost every aspect of cosmetology is tested for it. The chance of employment is definitely higher if you have this kind of certification.

Hairdressing certificate

Having a hairdressing certificate is another important certificate for beauticians. This certificate can help provide a sound foundation in hairdressing. This certification provides training on the different aspects of cosmetology as well as technical and artistic trainings to prepare students for hairdressing.

Comprehensive facial and makeup program certification

Another basic beauty school certificate is the comprehensive facial and makeup program certification. This is designed to help students achieve the best skills when it comes to skincare and provide knowledge about the creative techniques that are expected of current makeup artists. Obtaining this certification requires 900 hours of training in skincare and makeup programs.  

Massage Therapy Certificate

You can also pursue a certification as a massage therapist. Massage therapies should not to be confused with spa therapies, which only briefly covers massage therapy. Massage therapy has its own individual certification with detailed learning. This includes information and instruction on the manipulation of soft tissue to reduce muscle pain and improve blood circulation in the body. High level training is needed to achieve this kind of certification and can be a valuable addition in your career as a professional beautician.

Nail technician certification

Nail technician certification is also an important beauty school certificate to consider. For those earning different certificates to improve their knowledge, a nail technician certification can be a valuable asset. This certification includes the proper care of the nails and creative designs on nail polish.