The Average Amount of a Cosmetologist Salary

Cosmetologist Career

For many people the choice of their career all comes down to either money or passion. There are some individuals that will only do what they love to do and will find a way to make some money while doing it. Others who don't have this drive will be driven by a different type of force known as money.

The annual salary that is associated with a certain career is very important, and in a time of materialism and consumerism, money might be the one thing that makes an individual choose one job over another. The usual perception is that massage therapists, aestheticians and hair stylists are examples of very underpaid and don't make that much money from their jobs.

However is this correct?

Salary Outlook of a Cosmetologist

The big bucks are certainly rolling in for all of those great cosmetologists.

Back in May of 2008, the industry that was paid the most for a cosmetologist was the video and motion picture industry, with a yearly average salary of about $62,000. The middle range for the career as a whole varies anywhere between $32,000 and $48,000.

The cosmetologists that were paid the highest could be found in Hawaii, where they were making an average of $42,000 a year. Other states that were top paid included Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Washington just for a few.

As the transition from manicurist to shampooer to salon owner and eventually to hair stylist happens, the revenue usually does increase. Those individuals that are able to get their own shop are going to be making the most, generally around $45,000 each year. However, this does hold a lot of responsibilities. You are identical partners in loss and profit. If you are able to grasp those clients that are celebrities or you become the personal consultant of a VIP or star then you are going to be able to charge them much more. The career of a cosmetologist always has room for growth.