A Cosmetology Salary

A Cosmetology Degree

Cosmetology is all about beauty and style – it is the study of beauty treatment and application of style mixed into one.  Although it may seem quite easy to do, cosmetology is one of the most difficult areas to study and perform.  It may seem like haircuts and coloring but it takes a lot of time, dedication and skill to perfect this field of beauty.  Once you have earned a cosmetology degree from beauty school, there are many paths of careers you may be able to choose from.  You may become a hairstylist, makeup artist, salon manager, barber or even an esthetician.  Some graduates even move up to become salon sales consultants, fashion show stylists or beauty magazine editors.  Regardless of the career you choose, cosmetology and beauty school may take you a long way in this industry*. 

The difference between college and beauty or cosmetology school is that when you are earning your cosmetology degree, you must log a certain amount of training hours.  This is where students may go to an actual salon and practice on customers or even mannequins in order to perfect their skills and also be watched over by a professional.  Once you have logged a certain amount of hours, you would be eligible to apply for a beauty license through your state.  This certifies that you are allowed to work on any customer in that state, for money purposes. By figuring out which path of cosmetology or beauty you wish to pursue after you receive your degree and license, you may be able to focus more on specific avenues that pertain to which career field you would ultimately like to achieve in the future.   

Although it may not be a job that you may be filthy rich from, cosmetology is a demanding field that is always looking for new candidates. A cosmetology salary usually falls around $22,000 to $23,000 per year.  However, if a licensed cosmetologist becomes a salon professional and makes a name and statement in the beauty industry, the cosmetology salary may shoot up to $50,000.  Depending on what type of career you choose to pursue can affect the salary you may make for yourself.  If you want to become a licensed esthetician and work on nails for a living, you may easily make in the ballpark of $34,000 to $37,000 per year**.  Cosmetology is open to numerous careers and does not restrict you in which dream job you achieve. 



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