Cosmetology Schools in Los Angeles

Cosmetology Schools in Los Angeles

Seeking cosmetology schools that provide hair, nails, barber services and esthetician services in the Los Angeles area? Los Angeles may be seen as the mecca of beauty and even fashion because of the celebrities in the area. Hold on to your hair dryer, there are a lot of cosmetology schools in Los Angeles. You may even determine there are too many which may lead you to feeling overwhelmed and hard to make a decision.

The 10 Cosmetology Schools in Los Angeles

Whether you are interested in a school that provides a certification in barbering or a certification in cosmetology, one of these ten schools should be able to meet your school ambitions. Western Beauty Institute offers programs for certifications in barbering and cosmetology.

Schools offering certification in Cosmetology are Marinello Schools of Beauty which has two locations and Los Angeles Trade Technical School. The schools that offer certifications in Cosmetology Barber/Styling and Nail Instructor are Newberry School of Beauty, Palace School of Beauty, Academy of Barbering Arts, Borner’s Barber College and Universal College of Beauty, Inc. which has two different locations in Los Angeles. 

Out of the ten cosmetology schools named the additional information that you need to get that may help you decide where you want to attend is what is their in-state and out of state tuition rates, do they have room and board, as well as what type of aid is provided and on average how many students generally receive aid.

Also when looking into certification programs, you may want to determine the length of the program and if you have any skills that you can get credit for or if there are any previous classes or training you’ve had that you are able to transfer or get credit for. Sometimes colleges accept different skills or classes you may have had if it compliments there programs. You won’t know until you ask the question.

Completing certification in Cosmetology or even Barbering may open the door to a world of hair styling and unlimited clientele. Everyone wants their hair to be taken care of and also that it would make a statement. Whether they come to you once a week, monthly or even every six weeks, people may be entrusting you to give them a hair makeover which in turn will make them feel good about themselves. Therefore as you embark on your pursuit of certification in cosmetology or barber, think about the doors it can open for you.



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