Course in Aromatherapy

Course in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils in combination with massage techniques to achieve both emotional and physical well-being. In general, inhalation of an oil’s scent brings benefits to the body. The use of aromatherapy dates back to the ancient times when herbs were burned to produce a scent in honor of the Egyptian gods. It is also believed that Chinese medicinal practices made great use of this type of therapy to treat certain conditions. Since then, several professionals are using aromatherapy for various reasons, not just medical purposes.  

Currently, aromatherapy is still being researched and developed for its purpose as a remarkable treatment aid for a variety of conditions. Several institutions offer courses in aromatherapy and a certificate upon completion. A certificate is generally useful for individuals with the desire to work in the beauty industry. However, if you are interested in working seriously in alternative medicine, perhaps you may want to consider more advanced levels of aromatherapy courses. Undergraduate degrees in aromatherapy may be offered at some institutions. If you want to receive an undergraduate degree, then requirements for you to enter an aromatherapy school may be higher than it would be for an individual with a basic certificate.

Courses in aromatherapy typically focus on the study of several essential oils that may be used in treatment in addition to the physiology of the body. Topics covered in this course may include:*  

  • Body energetics
  • Reflexology
  • Clinical massage
  • Therapeutic forms of counselling and neurobiology
  • Stress management,
  • Homeopathy
  • Genetics

Basic chemistry may also be taught since different essential oils are used for different conditions and purposes. In addition, there are several concerns that some substances used in treatment may contain irritants, so knowing basic chemical elements may be useful.

A qualified aromatherapist may set up a private practice as a means of alternative medicine. Speciality clinics may also welcome the practice of aromatherapy with the help of an experienced aromatherapist.  If you enrolled in a basic aromatherapy course, you will generally have appealing qualities for employers in beauty salons and massage businesses.  Therefore, there typically are several job opportunities to be taken advantage of after receiving a certificate from aromatherapy courses. However, to work as an aromatherapist legally, you are generally required to register with the Aromatherapy Council.


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