The Creative Career of a Makeup Artist

The Creative Career of a Makeup Artist

The career of a makeup artist is one that is sought after by many, including both men and women, especially those who are passionate about fashion and the arts. Being a makeup artist can be a fun and engaging career because they are able to work with a lot of creative people on a regular basis. In the fashion industry, they help the designer realize their vision by transforming the look of the models as they walk on the runway or have their picture taken.

What is a Makeup Artist?

The makeup artist uses the human body as a palette to create a look; it all depends on the creative vision of the team that they’re working with.  There are different kinds of makeup artists that are out there, but they can be classified into two main categories: cosmetic and film/theatrical.[1] The former focuses on improving the natural look of a person, as what is usually done when a person gets a makeover at a makeup counter or when they get their makeup done for a wedding. The former focuses more on altering or enhancing the way a person looks to so that it is aligned with the character they’re playing.

How to Become a Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist looks exciting and lighthearted, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that it takes a lot of training and experience and the proper credentials to make it in the industry.1The aspiring makeup artist must first focus on what type of makeup they want to do and then sign up for classes at a beauty school. Depending on the state where you wish to work, you may need to take advanced classes to get certified. Some states might require that you get a license; in which case make sure that you look up the requirements if you plan to pursue a career in this field. It is important to take the necessary courses, because apart from giving you an edge among other makeup artists, you will also learn important tips on how to maintain proper hygiene and safety while working. Another important tip would be to work as an assistant under an established makeup artist in order to expose yourself to the field and possibly build your own network of contacts. The average amount that a makeup artist makes in a year is around $64,000.00, which does not include tips.[2] This could amount to more if you get enough certifications and a wide client base.

Turning a Passion into a Career

Life as a makeup artist is fulfilling but challenging most of the time. The key is all about managing yourself and your time well. Manage your schedule well and never be late. Creative people are not known to be organized people, and since they are driven by their passion, they might come across as egotistic. It’s up to you to manage yourself, and maintain that sense of professionalism while working. Being able to do this will help you build a lasting career as a makeup artist whether in TV, film, print or theater.



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