A Facial Massage Course

A Facial Massage Course

Facial massage has become the in thing for several men and women. The industry is growing with each passing day as people seek to have a lovely skin especially on their faces. Facial massage has immense benefits. For one, it reduces minor skin imperfections. Secondly, it improves the looks and texture of the skin. Thirdly, it helps in identifying the skin types as well as catering for individual needs. When the skin is kept looking beautiful and healthy by frequent facial massage, there are immense benefits that include maintenance of moisture levels, good supply of blood to the skin and other tissues, provision of protection from outside damage, protection of skin from infestation or infection.

Taking a course in facial massage stems from a desire to be a professional in the field. With the right course, one is able to offer a perfect package for clients who need to have their faces glowing with health. It is not too involving as there are no written exams. Instead, one gets examined the whole day by being observed to ensure they have the right knowledge to handle their clients. To complete successfully, one has to complete four case studies that have to be submitted in a month’s time. After the completion of the course and case studies, a full certificate may be awarded to the students. A manual is given to help one even after completion of the course. In most instances, the classes are kept small to give students close attention by their tutors.

During the course study, students learn several beauty techniques. Some of the course content includes health and safety, hygiene and sterilization, professional ethics, skin diseases and disorders, meridian lines theory, materials, equipment and products, marketing, preparation of client including record keeping and consultation, benefits and effects of natural lift facial massage, client after care, practical tuition and demonstration of natural face lift massage techniques, facial routine, anatomy and physiology, treatment room set-up, professional codes of conduct and aftercare.

No prior experience or course is required to enroll for the course in facial massage. The course duration is usually one day with the final assessment being a practical as proof of what one has learned. In some instances, students learn how to prepare herbs for use in facial massage. Since there are individuals who react to creams that have chemicals, they prefer natural concoctions. The course involves preparations of herbs, their use and particular herbs to go for. After successful completion of the course, one has several opportunities to gain even more experience. If start-up capital is available, there is opportunity to start an own salon. One could also be employed by someone else at a given salon. If an individual is able to market themselves well, they may as well be employed privately by prominent personalities to give them the needed facial services. Most private clients pay well. To be on the safe side however, having an own salon is far much better than getting employed by someone else. If you advertise the premise well, there is a great chance of making it big.



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