Find a Beauty School Program

Beauty School Programs

There are a lot of beauty school programs available at different beauty schools around the country. You can choose to concentrate on a single program, or you can earn certificates in a variety of areas. First, you need to consider which Beauty School Programs you want to pursue. Finding the right beauty school may take time and you need to pay attention to the courses you take, but there are many popular Beauty School Programs to choose from.

A cosmetology program covers almost all the major aspects of being a professional beautician. It may consist of hair cleansing, styling, cutting, coloring, basic makeup and skin care practices. If you are planning to become a beautician, this is your stepping stone, as all the basics will be taught to you through this program. While the majority of this training will be basic skills and techniques, you will eventually begin to learn more advanced procedures.

For those who prefer a more specific job, makeup artistry is a great option. This kind of training will be more detailed than what a cosmetology program will cover on the topic. By focusing on a single aspect, you will become highly knowledgeable on professional techniques in makeup. This training program may consist of complementing colors, correct application of makeup on the skin and the creation of makeup themes for fashion purposes.

Esthetics is a great beauty school programs to choose. This kind of beauty program involves beauty and skin care regimens through spas, dermatology clinics or reconstructive clinics. Some people consider esthetics to be part of the health industry rather than being one of the beauty school programs. This program includes facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures and more. Typically, this is a more complicated program compared to cosmetology and makeup artistry because it involves a more comprehensive knowledge of the field.

A nail technician program is another option in beauty school. Part of the training course of a nail technician will require you to know some diseases and disorders of the skin and nails; Though many people enter training and obtain certification simply because they want to learn about nail polish and creative ways to apply it.