How to Become a Beautician

How to Become a Beautician

Beauty and appearance is an important aspect in the society especially for women, and that is why the demand for skilled beautician and professional cosmetologists continue to increase from time to time. Everyone wants to look beautiful and pleasing with their outside appearance because it gives confidence, style, and personality. A beautician exists to offer different kinds of services and treatments to clients and provide amazing enhancements to their looks.

The Job Description of a Beautician

The tasks of a beautician involve a wide vary of beauty services that only he or she can provide after they went through professional training. A beautician identifies the needs and desires of the clients and provides the best and appropriate treatments available. The beauty treatments include face and skin care, nails, and hair body treatments. Beauticians also provide facial massages, eyebrow threading, manicures or pedicures, and skin treatments. Advanced treatments such as permanent makeup, electrolysis and laser therapy are available whenever the client wants to. They sell a variety of products to their clients to purchase related to cosmetic or skin treatments as well as hair styling. A beautician is trained in several areas but mostly practice only one specialty*.

Needed Education and Requirements to Qualify as a Beautician

For a person to qualify as a beautician, he or she must be able to attain training in public or private occupational school where they take a full-time course that generally takes six to twelve months. The training covers bacteriology, hygiene, cosmetic chemistry, marketing techniques and interpersonal skills. Although there are evening courses available, it will take a long time for a person to finish the training and be officially recognized as a beautician. There are states that require beauticians to have license but mostly, a high diploma with a complete formal training on state licensed institution is already enough**.

Job Opportunities for a Beautician

Since the demand for beauticians has tremendously increased and grows fast every year, the job opportunities for them aren’t limited. Eventually, the demand is expected to grow in the future which is why being a beautician is one of the most sought after job in the world. Those who had a wide range of expertise and services, however, tend to be hired faster than those who only have little knowledge and less mastery on beauty treatments. On the other hand, there’s no need for you to wait just to be hired as a beautician to a certain salon; a lot of people today prefer putting up their own salon to manage and work on. Beauticians may also be seen in barbershops, department store’s makeup aisles, unisex superstores, holiday resorts, hotels and spas***.



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