How to Become a Beauty Advisor

How to Become a Beauty Advisor

A beauty advisor is a skincare and cosmetic expert and a salesperson at the same time. Their main job is to meet sales goals while offering personalized customer service. They also have to maintain long-lasting relationships with customers by helping them choosing the precise beauty products and make the most of their look. 

Requirements to be a Beauty Advisor

There is no formal education required for this job, and you don’t need specific qualifications to become a beauty advisor, but employers in this industry do look for knowledge and one’s ability to sell. Personal qualities are often more significant than exam passes. The candidate should exhibit a smart appearance and a high standard when it comes to personal care. If you have experience in retail, sales, or customer service, that may be an advantage. One should possess an outgoing personality and friendly manner too. Employers also prefer those with excellent communication and customer service skills*.

Typically, aspiring beauty advisors receive on-the-job training and may also attend one or two-week introduction course at a company training center. Most company also provides short courses on new products and techniques being introduced in the market.

Beauty Advisors at Work

Typically, beauty advisors work in department stores and are often employed directly by a cosmetics company. Several cosmetic companies may operate in the same stores that result in a very competitive environment. However, as self-employed beauty consultants, some work from home, and offers direct selling of beauty products. They are responsible for all the aspect as they are working independently. Others work as store-based beauty consultants and were based at a counter area. They spend most of their time standing up to serve and advice customers.

Some of their routine includes**:

  • Helping customers in finding the right products that meet their needs and wants. This includes suggesting products, explaining and demonstrating how products work, showing the customers the proper way to use a product and perform makeovers if necessary
  • Give facials, eyelash and eyebrow treatments 
  • Encourage customers to try out testers and conduct make-up demonstrations
  • Generating sales and operating cash registry
  • Building rapport with customers and maintain good relationship with them
  • Manage inventory, monitoring and re-ordering products, organize sales area and maintain the cleanliness of the store
  • Handling sales transactions and bookkeeping
  • Keeping customer records and do follow-up calls or email lists for discounts, promos, new products or techniques the company has to offer them

Beauty advisors are expected to meet sales goals imposed by the company. These sales targets were sometimes linked with financial rewards added to the basic pay. In addition to their salary, they may be paid a commission on the products they sell or gain service charge or tips from satisfied customers**.

There are opportunities for part-time work and flexible hours for self-employed beauty advisors while those who are working as full-time employees are required to render certain number of hours per week.

Because they represent their company’s standards, products, and service, beauty advisors should always provide exceptional customer service and achieve their sales goals on a daily basis. They serve as front liners and are expected to give an excellent overall service**.



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