How to Become a Manicurist

How to Become a Manicurist

The work of a manicurist is to make toenails and fingernails of people look beautiful and clean. The career of manicurist is very interesting and includes meeting new people and making new connections and clients on a daily basis.  Some manicurists are self-employed and some work in nail salons and spa. They may often work on evenings and weekends, the reason behind that is people are busy on weekdays, hence they want to relax on weekends or in the evenings*.

To be a manicurist, one may have to complete a program in cosmetology from a state recognized program. It is very important to choose the right course before pursuing. Then after passing the course, one has to take an exam taken by state for a license. This applies to all states except Connecticut*. After you get a license, you can practice as a manicurist.

Usually people have a curiosity regarding the wage of the manicurist. In 2010 the median pay of a manicurist was $9.45, or about $19,650 per year, which was good as compared to other professions, this wage was competitive enough*. Job opportunities arise in the time of holidays, also the trend sees opening of a lot of nail salons and jobs are expected to rise in coming future.

This is very interesting job and requires innovation from the manicurist. Apart from dedication to the job, this job requires require some essentials which are**:


This is a job which requires the professional to sit all day, often in a bent back position, with limited breaks between clients to move and stretch. You may have to sit with a bent neck most of the day, so if back injury or another condition prevents you from doing so, you may not want to damage your body for the job.

People Skills

It is very important factor as it leads to a loyal customer. One should know how to deal with customers because this is usually the time when a customer does not have anything else to do other than to sit and talk to you. It is also observed that clients start discussing their lives with the manicurist, so a manicurist should carefully tackle the situation and should work on improving rapport with the clients. Patience is a key personality trait of a manicurist.

Fashion Sense

Customers look to a manicurist to beautify their nails and know the latest trends and styles. Clients may ask for color or design suggestions and it may be up to you to provide them with adequate knowledge of what is on trend right now and what would be best for them.

Apart from above mentioned factors, education and licence are essential for the growth of the business and the individual. By keeping these things in mind, you may be able to find a career as a manicurist, allowing your talent and creativity to shine.


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