How to Become a Nursing Home Cosmetologist

How to Become a Nursing Home Cosmetologist

There are many different opportunities in the field of cosmetology and becoming a nursing home cosmetologist is one of the more lucrative ones. You might not know it, but several nursing homes hire a licensed cosmologist to be on staff and offer beauty services to the patients within the facility. A nursing home cosmologist is becoming one of the most sought after positions in this industry of beauty.

Duties of a Nursing Home Cosmetologist

A nursing home cosmetologist has very wide ranging duties. These types of cosmetologists work with individuals living in the nursing home facility only. The duties that are done daily include hair, makeup and nail services for patients interested. The amount of patients that you work with daily varies based on the type of facility where you are employed.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements of a nursing home cosmetologist vary, but often certification is required. This means that you must have completed a certified beauty school cosmetology program that is recognized by the facility where you seek employment. Most of these programs take around 6 months to 15 months to complete. These fast-tracked training courses are designed to offer certification quickly and allow you to begin your career in a short amount of time. This allows you to begin your rewarding career quickly and with only a small amount of educational expense*.

Work Environment

Each nursing home facility is different, but you may most likely be hired as a full-time or part-time employee of the nursing home. You may work with the elderly individuals that live in the facility and often may work only in the nursing home. This means that you may not travel to other salons and provide beauty services for residents of the nursing home only. Many of your clients may often want the same type of beauty treatments. This means that your work environment may not be the most exciting, but you may be able to build relationships with your clients over time.

Job Outlook

The need for nursing home cosmetologists is on the rise as more and more facilities continue to be built to meet the needs of eth elderly population**. Your median salary for a position of this type is around $30,000, but this is slightly higher than typical beauty salons***.



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