How to Become a Spa Technician

How to Become a Spa Technician

The process it takes to become a spa technician, although is obscure, is a fairly straightforward career path. Who may become one of the professional spa technicians? Simple! Any individual looking to provide emotions-related care may follow the path to become one. Do you want to help people with joint and muscle pains or help them relieve pressure or stress? Then, this is the job for you. There are a number of requirements to fulfill to help you work in this field. However, let us examine the general overview of the job of a spa technician.

General Overview

This job may be undertaking for a massage salon, fitness center, for a resort center, and you may even work hand in hand with a medical practitioner. Your job might call for mobility at times, requiring you to travel to people’s homes or even offices to administer care. The working environment may be varied, but the goal is to promote general health and well-being for people. You might be required, according to working environment, to have adequate knowledge in the handling of compressions and body scrubs and general cleaning tools. Your job might also be limited to working in a swimming pool.  However, knowledge of body anatomy is a requirement for the job of any spa technician*.

Basic Duties

As one of the spa technicians, your day to day duties would involve sterilization of cleaning equipment; body massage with special oils and creams; the use of scrubs and baths; and helping with providing nutritional information. It can involve administering of simple first aids in the event of an accident before the arrival of a medical practitioner. These are the core duties of a spa technician**.

Education and Certification

Your educational routes towards licensing to become a spa technician may be diverse. You can go to specialized colleges that offer a degree in aesthetician services. Courses that are related to health services, anatomy, and nutritional science can be taking first. Then you can aim for specialization through licensing. To obtain a license you may have to take an exam, as some states in the U.S would require you to do. This means laws and regulations may pose slightly different requirements according to the State. However, the foremost national exam for spa technician is the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work (NCETMB)*.

Salary Structure

Working as a spa technician may provide you with a satisfactory salary package. Of course, you may grow to become a manager over the course of the years that may pay even more. However, the salary average might range from between $35,000 to $40,000, which according to many people might be a considerable offer**.

Without a doubt, the job of a spa technician is stimulating, as well as challenging, and it may afford you the opportunity to improve the quality of life of people who need to overcome body pains and emotional imbalance.



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