How to Earn a Beauty Salon Management Degree

How to Earn a Beauty Salon Management Degree

If you have already obtained your cosmetology license and are looking to further your career opportunities, you may look into obtaining a beauty salon management degree. This degree may enable you to stop working for someone else and become in charge of your beauty career. You may have more responsibility and flexibility, which may make a huge impact. There are several beauty salon management degree programs that you may be able to choose from, which enables you to personalize your education.

What Will You Learn

A typical beauty salon management degree program may educate you on not only cosmetology management basics, but also all the skills that are needed to operate a beauty salon business effectively. This means that you may take courses designed to teach organizational skills, communication skills and management abilities. The best part is that most programs are designed to move quickly and allow you to complete all requirements for your beauty salon management degree in a short amount of time*.

Course Completion

If you already have your cosmetology license, you may expect to only have about 3 semesters invested in completing your beauty salon management degree. These licensed programs are designed to help you develop the skills that you may need to manage a beauty salon with success. These programs are associate degrees and take less than 3 semesters to complete.

The first 2 semesters may include a full course schedule of about 16 credit hours, but the last semester is often shortened with only about 6 credit hours for degree completion. Some courses that you may expect to take include accounting, speech, technical writing, and intro to business and human relations. This broad course selection may teach you the fundamentals you need to operate a beauty salon business.

Job Outlook

This type of degree is highly recommended for those individuals looking to have success in the industry of cosmetology. As a salon manager the median salary is about $31,000. However, as a salon owner your median salary expectancy may rise to around $42,000. There are amazing opportunities in the industry of beauty salon management, but you must have the required education to compete for these jobs. The beauty industry is booming and now is the time to join in**.



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