How to Earn a Beauty Therapist Degree

How to Earn a Beauty Therapy Degree

Beauty therapy is the art of making people look and feel better, and this profession has been demand for ages. It calls for innovation and creativity, and the career revolves around these two elements. There are a lot of beauty therapists who are known for their creativity and their interpersonal relations.  Various techniques are used by beauty therapists to make the bodies of their clients look better. Nowadays technology plays an important role in therapies*.

After doing a course in beauty therapy, you may be able to advise clients on therapies which suit them, or things they should do to take care of their body and skin. It teaches anatomy, physiology, psychology and hygiene* which are four pillars of success for any beauty therapist.  Several universities provide degrees in beauty therapy and there is no particular qualification required for pursuing beauty therapy course. You should know how to read and write English and is available for all academic backgrounds.

Fees for this course vary from university to university. Online courses are also available from several schools. The duration of this course varies from two to three years and it depends whether you take courses on campus or online*.

There are several options in careers if you opt for a beauty therapist degree. You may be able to start up your own small business or you may get a job in beauty product companies. Also one may be able to find a job in television or the beauty industry in Hollywood.

A lot of universities offer beauty therapist degree and some of them are**:

  1. Barstow Community College in California: It offers a course in Cosmetology under the name of Associate of Science in Cosmetology and the annual tuition fee is $5256.
  2. Virginia College in Alabama: It offers a course in Salon management which is great if you want to open in a salon or you want to work in a salon. The name of the course is Associate of Applied Science in Salon Management and the annual tuition fee is $12100.
  3. Snow College in Utah: It offers a course and makes you specialist in barbering, it is in demand by those who want to open their salons or want to enter industry as professional Barbers. The annual tuition fee is $9586. The name of the course is Associate of Applied Science Degree in Cosmetology / Barbering.
  4. Century College in Minnesota: It offers a course in Cosmetology under the name of Associate in Applied Science in Cosmetology and the annual fee is $6875.

All these courses are available for full time and many students complete these programs every year. There are a lot more institutes offering similar courses and are available online. If you feel that a career in beauty therapy may be a good choice for you, you may want to do your research to find the school which best suits your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget.


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