How to Earn a Cosmetology License

How to Earn a Cosmetology License

A cosmetology license may be something that may help to boost your career, pay, flexibility of your schedule, and much more. However, there is a particular process that one must go through in order to earn a cosmetology license. Here, we will cover educational requirements both beforehand and while pursuing a cosmetology license. We will also talk about the employment outlook for once you have completed earning your cosmetology license. You may then be able to work in a beauty parlor, spa, nail salon, hair salon, or other places*.

Educational Requirement Beforehand

Before you go to earn your cosmetology license, please be aware that requirements both before you begin school for your cosmetology license, and requirements for the cosmetology license itself vary from state to state. Mostly, you will find that you may need a high school education to bed admitted to a state cosmetology school or a college that offers an associate’s degree in cosmetology. Some states, however, may also let those with a much lower educational attainment level go on to a state cosmetology school where they may also earn their cosmetology license to cut, color, and style hair.*

Requirements for License

Those who are accepted into a state school may have to complete the training course. During this training course, you may learn how to cut, style, color, trim, perm, or apply certain treatments to hair. If you want to learn other skills, like makeup or nail application, expect to have to train longer. At the end of this training course all you have to do is take a written test and be able to demonstrate your skills by performing them on a customer or a lifelike dummy meant to symbolize a customer. If you pass both these tests, you may get your license.

Job Outlook                                          

The demand for people in this field may grow in the next decade by around 14%, which is the average rate of growth for an occupation. Mostly, the new workers will be expected to step-in for workers who must leave the industry. In 2010 about 712,200 people were employed as either hairdressers, barbers, or cosmetologists. You may be able to successfully work for yourself in this field, or be able to work only part-time, although you may want to work more. On average, people in these positions earned somewhere around $10.82 per hour**.



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