How much do Estheticians make per year?


For anyone looking for a great career opportunity, the esthetician industry stands as one of the best options to go with. In the last few years, the esthetics industry has not just expanded, but has become overwhelmingly popular throughout the world. Today, people are very concerned about their physical appearance, which has raised the demand of estheticians in almost every commercial field.

You might be thinking, how much do Estheticians make per year? The answer to this question is quite tempting, around $25,000 to $ 52,000 annually. A medical esthetician helps people improve their physical and facial appearance through various types of medical and non-medical services, such as Microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, exfoliation, and skin care treatments. Every year, this widely flourished industry makes $9 billion from the total global economy.

 What is the Job profile of medical esthetician?

Estheticians, who are also known as paramedical esthetician, can work in conjunction with a dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. You may also find estheticians active as a part of a team in hospital settings. An esthetician provides a variety of services depending on demand and need of the situation. Medial esthetician working in the dermatology office will provide you with skin care treatments to help skin stay healthy and beautiful. Treatment like Microdermabrasion is also offered to patients with sensitive and problematic skin.

 Career Options and Salary Graph of Estheticians

The salary of the esthetician can vary with years of experience in the field. Even part time esthetician can earn a good income and enjoy the benefits of flexible work schedule. The beauty industry is always in need of experienced and skilled full or part-time working estheticians. However, salary is greatly impacted by the difference in time a person has been working. By continuing your education, one can gain advancements in their career. When your service is great, you are likely to get big tips from your happy clients. For those who dream of big paychecks, look for the position of medical esthetician in private companies or firms offering after surgery skin care treatments. In this profession, you can be your own boss; all you have to do is start a solo practice. While looking for esthetician posts you can choose the field that enhances your skills and offers productive opportunities.

 Esthetician – Required Training

Many esthetic schools offer programs to become a medical esthetician.

The program duration ranges from 6 to 12 months depending on the norms introduced by the state administration. After completing the program, students need to qualify for the exam, in which they wish to practice. The training period demands 300 hours to 1200 hours of study to get an esthetician license.

Therefore, if you are a medical student or willing to pursue any such programs to ensure a better future, esthetician programs are one of the options for you. This profession will not only help you to earn great pay, but you will establish yourself in the industry of beauty and glamour.