How much do Hairdressers make per year?


Hairdressers or hairstylists, cover a considerable area of the beauty industry. Hairdressers usually work in beauty parlors and salons to make a living. They offer services like cutting, shampooing, coloring and styling clients' hair. Many hairdressers also offer services like makeup application, pedicures and are commonly known as cosmetologists. Hairdressers help clients make informed decisions while choosing hair care products. They also offer advice for hair care through using home remedies.

      Hairdresser Salary: How much do Hairdressers make per year?

As per the report of BLS, or Bureau of Labor Statistics*, the average annual salary for hairstylists, hairdressers and cosmetologists was $26,660 in 2008. They earned about $12.83 as hourly wage. About 50% industry earns $17,830 to $31,260 annually, due to various influencing factors. In November 2009, the standard annual wage of hairdressers reached $28,128, while those affected by demographic factors earned $19,204 to $28,399, annually.

In 2011, the Labor Department* reported that hairdressers and stylists made less money that year. Average salary ranged from $22,750, to $41,490. The lowest annual income was about $17,000 that year.

      Work Environment

The largest numbers of hairdressers are found in New York. Hairdressers in New York earn a minimum of $13.94/hour or $29,000 annually. New York is one of the most populous states in the nation and includes 4% of hairdressers in the nation. As for cities, the most populous in the nation is New York City, which holds the most beauty positions. Pay in this area usually fluctuates from $13/hour to $16/hour. Cape Girardeau has been yet another highest-paying metropolitan area, where wages touch a mean of $20.01/ hour, or $41,620 annually. The Bureau of Labor Statistics* reported that the District of Columbia has the highest pay of $23.43/ hour, or an average salary of $48,720.

      Work Experience

Those experienced at their work will most likely receive a salary comparable to their experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics* salary report of April 2013, hairdressers, cosmetologists and hairstylists made hourly earnings of $7 to $10 with no experience or entry-level experience. While the wage ranged between $8 and $11 for those with experience of 5-9 years. Hairdressers, cosmetologists and hairstylists with more than 20 years of experience can expect wage between $8.17 to $15.13/hour.

      Perks and Benefits

There are many benefits of choosing a career as a hairdresser. Hairdressers working in salaried positions in salons enjoy some notable advantages, such as paid vacations, dental coverage, retirement plans and health insurance, as reported in the US Bureau of Labor Statistics*. Many of the part time or self-employed hairdressers do not have such benefits. Hairdressers also have free access to a range of discounted or free hair and beauty products/services.