A Medical Esthetician Salary

A Medical Esthetician Salary

A medical esthetician is a profession which combines beauty care with medical care.  These professionals work in a wide range of different settings, from oncology clinics to dermatology practices. Their purpose is to provide skin care treatments to patients under the direction of a medical professional. If a medical esthetician works in a dermatologist's office, for example, then they may work with younger patients to show them how to effectively use anti acne medications. If an esthetician were to work for a plastic surgery practice, they may be tasked with completing microdermabrasion and other services as ordered by the physician. As you may see, these professionals work in a variety of practices. As such, the salaries they command differ, largely depending on the requirements of the work and what degree of experience it demands*.

The average median pay for all estheticians is around $32,000 per year, according to various industry sources**. This averages out to be approximately sixteen dollars per hour. Unfortunately, this figure is skewed, as it accounts for those estheticians who work at spas and similar businesses. These workers make significantly less than the estheticians who work in medical settings. That's because working at a spa requires less experience, knowledge, and education than doing so in a medical practice. In fact, the majority of estheticians who work for physicians, clinics, and hospitals are certified.  Because of this, they're better paid and some of them may make as much as thirty five dollars an hour. The key to commanding a higher salary is to specialize, as the more limited the number of trained professionals there are for a particular specialization, the higher the pay will be for those individuals.

While concrete figures are hard to find, industry sources indicate that the average medical esthetician salary, excluding those who work at spas, is approximately twenty dollars an hour or about $42,000 per year. In large metropolitan areas such as New York City or San Francisco, the pay is even higher, averaging approximately twenty eight dollars an hours, which comes out to be about $56,000 per year**. 

In conclusion, an esthetician salary is influenced mostly by the certifications held by the individual and their level of experience, as well as the setting in which they work.  Location can also pay an important factor, as those in larger cities are generally paid more than the ones located in smaller towns. By knowing these factors, one can better choose their own career path that will provide the income which they require in order to live a better life. 



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