An Overview of Cosmetology Jobs

An Overview of Cosmetology Jobs

If you’re thinking of enrolling in beauty school, you may be wondering what kind of cosmetology jobs there are. Upon becoming a cosmetologist, here are some career options:

  • Hair stylist
  • Hair colorist
  • Shampoo technician
  • Nail technician
  • Makeup artist
  • Electrologist

Overview of Cosmetology Jobs

Hair stylist - A hair stylist is responsible for cutting and styling hair to give a desired look to a client. In most cases, he or she is interested in how to use a haircut or hair style to achieve the look a client has asked for. Many people come to a hair style for special occasions, like during weddings and proms so that they may look exceptional for events.

Hair colorist - The hair colorist is the salon professional who focuses on coloring the client’s hair. He or she provides a lot of other services such as hair coloring, straightening or extensions. Some factors to consider when choosing a hair color include type of hair, facial shapes and skin tones.

Shampoo technician - The job of applying the shampoo and conditioning the client’s hair falls in the hands of a shampoo technician. In many cases, this person is also responsible for removing the color and chemical relaxers. It is a good position for those who are new to the cosmetology field and are looking to gain experience in the industry.

Nail technician - A nail technician, or manicurist, takes care of a client’s nails. The manicurist performs manicures and pedicures and also applies artificial nails and polishing agents. There are many fun nail treatments he or she can perform, such as applying nail wrap, applying jewels or even creating a painting on a client’s nails.

Makeup artist - As one of the more popular cosmetology jobs, a makeup artist is responsible for applying makeup products to a client. These products range from foundation to eye shadow to lip gloss. Many factors come into play, such as use of color on a particular skin tone and type of skin. Many makeup artists also provide consultation in the form of recommended products or application of makeup.

Electrologist - Instead of removing client’s hair through waxing, an electrologist specializes in using machine (electrolysis machine) to remove a client’s hair. Removing hair using this machine is permanent.

Cosmetology Salary

Cosmetologists often work in beauty shops, personal care services or even department stores. According to a survey released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012, cosmetologist salary ranged from around $17,000 at the lower end to around $66,000 at the higher end.*


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