Ten Great Jobs in the Beauty Industry

Ten Great Jobs in the Beauty Industry

In the beauty industry, there is a multitude of different talents and skills making up one of the largest industries in the country. Those working in the beauty industry may come to find that they can be their own boss, as several are entrepreneurs and own their own business. They have the option of having a flexible schedule and the ability to use their creativity daily. There are several great jobs in the beauty industry, some requiring special training and schooling.

Here are ten great beauty industry jobs you may be considering*:

  • Makeup Artist

A makeup artist applies and instructs clients on proper cosmetic applications and removal. They may use a wide variety of products on different clients. If they work in an industry, such as movie or theater, they may also be charged with designing wigs and artificial body parts, applying them in order to achieve a certain appearance the character needs. On average, makeup artists can earn around $67,580 annually[i]. This may vary depending on the industry they work in and their location.

  • Beauty Therapist

A beauty therapist is also known as an aesthetician. This professional may wear many hats throughout the day, as they may perform tasks such as waxing, grooming, massage therapy, facials and other techniques for improving a client’s appearance. Beauty therapists may go to schools and complete a 3-4 year degree program, or they may obtain a 2 year course certificate before practicing their craft. Upon completion, beauty therapists may put to use the techniques they have learned to help clients eliminate stress, as well as enhance their outward looks.

  • Platform Stylist

Platform stylists may have the opportunity to travel the country, or even outside the country, to show off their skills in front of audiences to sell various products and services. They educate fellow and aspiring stylists in their techniques and what is new in the beauty industry. They may demonstrate a variety of techniques in skin car, nail care, makeup, and hair[ii]. On a given day, a platform stylist may act as educator, businessperson, salesperson, and entertainer. It may be helpful to have an outgoing personality and a knowledge of sales to excel at this job.

  • Aromatherapist

These professional prepare and use essential oils to holistically treat a variety of illnesses. They first consult with patients to understand their symptoms and ailments and then identify which oils may be best to use to help. They apply oils to clients through massage and also provide advice about what to do after the treatment is over, such as diet and exercise which may help the client. Most aromatherapists are self-employed and some have earned a degree in aromatherapy before practicing[iii].

  • Nail Technician

These professionals provide nail care services using concepts and procedures they have learned. They may perform manicures and pedicures, as well as provide excellent customer service. Customer service may be crucial for a nail technician in order to retain clients and keep their business going. Some states require nail technicians to hold a license in the field before practicing or opening up their own business. If you think a career as a nail technician is right for you, it may be a good idea to find out if your state requires licensure.

  • Esthetician

Estheticians provide clients with various skin treatments to help their appearance and perhaps even boost their self-esteem. They may work in spas, salons, from home, or several other locations. Licensure requirements vary from state to state, but even if your state does not require certification to practice, it may still be a good idea to take classes on the proper way to apply treatments to clients before performing complex procedures[iv].

  • Hairdresser

A hairdresser may work in a salon and provide clients with services such as shampooing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance for these professionals as well as having the ability to provide services requested by their clients. Many occupations in this field require vocational school training or an associate’s degree. This may be a great job for people who are very social and enjoy communicating with clients throughout the day.

  • Massage Therapist

Massage therapists perform therapeutic techniques on soft tissue and joints of their clients. They may consult with clients beforehand to find out where problems areas are on the body, and then work to ease pain and tension in those areas.  They may use a variety of lotions, heating, and cooling systems in order to relax their clients and provide them with an adequate massage. This may be a good job for those who like to care for and treat others, make them feel relaxed and at ease, and who don’t mind standing and using their hands for the majority of the day.

  • Color Consultant

A color consultant may use their keen eye for color to help clients choose the colors which are right for them, their homes, and maybe even their businesses. They work to enhance the appearance of their clients, while also setting moods and tones in place to accent natural beauty. They may help clients with their hair, clothing, makeup, etc. to ensure they look the best possible in the colors which are right for them. Education may be part of the job, as they are teaching others how to use certain colors to their advantage and which colors may not be best for them.

  • Beauty Consultant

A beauty consultant aims to help clients with their appearance by giving them tips and advice on how to care for their hair, skin, how to dress, and how to use different products to enhance their natural beauty. They may give clients samples of products which may be best for them to use, as well as teach them how to apply those products. A beauty consultant may benefit from having marketing and sales experience in order to get clients to buy their products as well as keep coming back for more advice.

These are just ten of the many jobs within the beauty industry. If you feel that a career in beauty is right for you, do your research on the job title, what qualifications you may need, and the best schools to attend in order to get the best education and set yourself up for potential success in your chosen career path.


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