Top 11 Beauty Schools

Top 11 Beauty Schools

Most of American beauty schools offer its students the opportunity to learn cosmetology in a dynamic environment.  Learn the basics about beauty school as well as the top 11 beauty schools in the USA.

The students get valuable exposure both in terms of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Many schools encourage students from various countries for ethnic diversity as well. Most of the courses are quite affordable. Different payment plans along with loans are also available for students who opt to study in this beauty schools. Financial assistance from the government is also available for deserving students.

A student must be 17 years of age to be able to apply to these beauty schools. Most of the schools prefer their students to have a high school diploma. To be a licensed practitioner, a student must take and pass the exam by the respective state licensing department after completing the formal study and the beauty school.

Students pursuing courses in cosmetology definitely have a lot of good job prospects after completing their beauty course. These beauty schools have a lot to offer from hairstyling, nail technology, skin care, makeup artistry and all latest beauty techniques. Students receive hands on training with real clients before they can apply for a job at a salon. As a trained beauty therapist, one is required to do face and body treatment for clients in order to make them feel and look better.

In order to become a good beauty therapist you must possess certain personality traits like being friendly and excellent listening skills. So, apart from helping students gain course-related knowledge, these schools also help in character building and teach its students work ethics which serve them in all their professional endeavours.

The top 11 beauty schools of USA are:

1.       EI School of Professional Makeup- most popular and oldest in Hollywood, California

2.       ARROJO cosmetology, an Ivy league school in New York City

3.       Elite Academy of Beauty Arts in Brooklyn, New York

4.       La James College of Cosmetology in Mason City, Lowa

5.       Milan Institute in California, Texas, and Nevada

6.       Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology arts and sciences

7.       USA Beauty School International, New York

8.       American Beauty School, New York

9.      Empire beauty school

10.   American Beauty School, New York

11.   International Academy, Florida

These top 11 beauty schools are the oldest and established schools in the US with many famous alumni. The students are provided with the best education where they are encouraged to try new approaches to blend the age old principles of cosmetology and beauty with new knowledge and techniques.

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