Top Beauty Schools in the US

Top Beauty Schools in the US

Individuals who have become renowned experts in the beauty industry have typically trained at top beauty schools. These schools generally teach students about the latest trends and how to implement proper techniques. Training typically includes cosmetology, skincare, facial and body treatments, hair styling, manicuring, and massage therapy. If beauty is your passion and you’re looking to pursue a career in the beauty industry, you may want to consider these top schools:

1. Marinello Schools of Beauty

Established in 1905, Marinello Schools of Beauty have expanded across the US and became a reputable place to begin a career in the beauty industry. As a student, you generally receive hands-on training from helpful instructors who teach everything you need to know about working in a salon. [i]

2. New England Hair Academy

Located in Massachusetts, the New England Hair Academy is accredited by the ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges). Barbering, manicuring and cosmetology are among the many services covered during training. After learning proper hair and beauty techniques, you may have a variety of opportunities waiting upon graduation.  [ii]

3. Empire Beauty School

The Empire Beauty School is another popular place to receive top-notch training. Like Marinello Schools of Beauty, it has branched out to several locations across the US.  With more than 70 years of experience prepping and training students for the beauty industry, it has become one of the top beauty schools in the country. From hair styling, nail care and cosmetics to customer care, you will leave this school fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to start a meaningful career in the beauty industry. In addition, the school is accredited by the US Department of Education.  [iii]

4. John Paolo’s Xtreme Beauty Institute

The John Paolo’s Xtreme Beauty Institute has three separate locations across New York. The school focuses on hair care, manicures, pedicures, skin care and waxing. Established in 1996, this school is known for its focus on the latest trends and procedures in the beauty industry. [iv]

5. The Hair Expressions Academy

This school is partnered with Paul Mitchell and is spread out across several locations in the US. Hair-care, styling and coloring are the main emphases of training at this institution. With its modern facilities, students typically get a feel for what it’s like to work in a salon. [v]

There are several other beauty schools across the US worth considering. Choosing a school that’s best for you may allow you to grow as a beautician and offer opportunities to begin a career in the industry.


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