Top Online Beauty Schools in the US

Top Online Beauty Schools in the US

There is no excuse to failure other than lack of foresight and effort. You might get frantic about the state of the economy, but the answers may just be a click away. Technology provides a number of opportunities for those who want to continue with their education. One way to make this a reality is to take online courses while continuing your daytime work. A promising career in the beauty industry may just be right for you. There are a number of renowned beauty schools where you may enroll in.

Earn an Online Degree from Top Beauty Schools in the US

One of the leading schools that offer distance learning in the US is the Lincoln College of Technology. Located at West Palm Beach in Florida, the school offers online and night classes on beauty courses including a Diploma in Cosmetology and a Certificate in Massage Therapy. A unique program in this school is the blending of Eastern and Western approaches to body care, massage and wellness. You may learn the latest state-of-the-art massage therapy while, at the same time, become adept at doing reflexology and foot massage the Asian way. Most students get the best hands-on training at the Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Sciences, a division of Lincoln Technical Institute. The institution prides itself of its 65 years of providing professional education and training not only in aesthetics, but also in culinary arts and other vocational courses. You may visit the school website for more information on their programs, admission and financial aid to students*.

The second in the list of leading online beauty schools is The University of North Dakota located at Grand Forks, ND. This historic institution founded in 1883 has been ranked 89th among the top public schools in the US. You may surf its website for further information on a course of your preference. There are online courses, which you may enroll in, including a six-month course on Personal Fitness Training and Nutrition and Health courses, among others. A specialized training in this field may lead you to a promising career in spa, nutrition and fitness centers**. Today, many individuals are becoming fitness enthusiasts and weight loss programs are just getting a rave on TV, print and the net. Without a doubt, this is a unique course that you may hardly find in beauty schools.

Some of the Top Cosmetology & Beauty Schools in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, you may find a total of 88 beauty schools that offer distance learning and training in Cosmetology or the science of hair and skin care. The state requirement to get the license is for a student to complete a 1,500-hour training program and passing the licensure exam. One of these training institutions is the Carl Sandburg College which make use of DVDs, slides, training materials and other multimedia to teach the subject of hair cutting, coloring and styling. Similarly, the College of DuPage located in Naperville and Addison offers an 18 credits program that leads to an Associate Degree in Cosmetology. You have the option to enroll online or take the night classes at these beauty schools. The Freeport’s Highland Community College is another beauty school which offers the basic subjects such as hair techniques, nail technology, esthetics, and salon operations. They also train Instructors on these subjects***.



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